Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the tour’s price?

Pick-up and drop-off in the same place. Cruise around the lake, sunbathing and swimming. According to the different tour, could be wine, breakfast, aperitif etc: please read the description of all the inclusions in the desired tour’s page.

Are there waves on Lake Como?

No, there aren’t since it is a close lake. Sometimes, if there is strong wind you can experience some small waves, generated by the wind. Usually it is pretty flat, nothing compared to the sea. The only waves you may experience are from the other boats, but is something like 2/3 small waves. You can relax and enjoy the lake.

How much should i pay upfront to reserve the tour? Which payment methods do you accept?

We usually charge you 40/50% at the moment of booking to ensure you show up. At the moment of booking we send you a link to make the payment.

The remaining part is paid on board before the tour via cash money (€ only) or credit card (amex included)

Do you offer a cancellation policy?

Please refer to our terms of service page https://www.waveboatcomo.com/terms-of-service/

Is it possible to request a custom tour?

Yes, it is possible. If order to do it, kindly message us on Whatsapp +39 375 553 1376, fill the contact module or send an email to info@waveboatcomo.com

What’s the max number of guests you can carry?

You can check the details for each tour. For most of the tours we include 4 people in the price. Additional passengers will be charged according to the tour’s description.

We offer different options in terms of boats, up to 11 guests in a single boat.

Can we go to Bellagio and or Varenna?

Yes we can. Usually it’s a kind of tour we do in 5/6 hours because they are far away from Como.

Como-Bellagio full speed in the middle takes 1hr

Como-Bellagio at an enjoyable pace to see the key places from the boat, takes 1h30m / 2hrs

Bellagio-Varenna is 15mins

Plus the time you decide to stay on land in Bellagio or Varenna to explore the village.

You can refer to our itineraries’ page to have all the detailed information https://www.waveboatcomo.com/itineraries

Can we stop to a nice restaurant along the tour?

Yes, absolutely. According to the duration of the tour, we can choose the best aread to have you enjoy a breathe taking lunch or a romantic dinner on the lake.

Here you can see the list of the restaurant we work with, but we can bring to every restaurant you wish


Book your tour or ask info via Whatsapp (fastest method), via email info@waveboatcomo.com or filling out the module below

+39 375 553 1376