Exploring Lake Como’s Top 5 Instagram and TikTok-Famous Spots

Lake Como, a slice of paradise nestled in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy, is not just known for its stunning landscapes and charming villages but has also made its mark in the social media world. With its timeless beauty and awe-inspiring settings, Lake Como has become a hotspot for Instagrammers and TikTokers alike. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through the most Instagrammed and TikTok-famous places on Lake Como, and why they’ve captured the hearts of millions.

Top 5 Instagram and TikTok-Famous Spots on Lake Como

Villa del Balbianello – Lenno

Arguably the crown jewel of Lake Como, Villa del Balbianello is a historic villa with impeccable gardens and stunning lakefront views. It’s no wonder that it has become a sought-after backdrop for Instagram photos and TikTok videos. From its perfectly manicured gardens to the iconic terrace overlooking the water, every corner of this villa exudes elegance and charm. Also known as the “James Bond’s Villa” or the “Star Wars’ Villa“. You can reach it by boat and it is open to the public.

Villa Balbianello- Lenno

Villa La Cassinella – Lenno

Do you remember the well-cut cypress trees and a yellow villa saw on Instagram or Tik Tok? Here we are. Everyone agrees that Villa La Cassinella is the most beautiful villa on Lake Como. Just after Villa Balbianello, La Cassinella it is owned (the legend says) by Sir Richard Branson. This exquisite Italian villa offers an exclusive escape with its timeless elegance, lush gardens, and breathtaking lakefront views. Only visible passing by boat.

Villa La Cassinella- Lenno

Nesso’s Waterfall and the Civera’s Bridge – Nesso

Nesso Waterfall, a hidden gem on Lake Como, offers serene beauty with cascading waters amid lush greenery. Also know as “Orrido di Nesso“. Nearby, the historic Bridge of Civera provides picturesque views, making it a must-visit for those seeking tranquility and natural splendor. You may have seen it on social media with people jumping from the bridge straight into the water. Together, these two sites capture the essence of Lake Como’s timeless charm and rich history, perfect for sightseeing and capturing memories of your visit.

Nesso Waterfall


Known as the “Pearl of the Lake,” Bellagio is one of the most picturesque towns on Lake Como. Its cobblestone streets, colorful houses, and vibrant gardens provide the perfect setting for Instagram shots and TikTok tours. Don’t forget to capture the stunning views from the Punta Spartivento, a must-visit spot for panoramic photos.

Bellagio Lake Como


Varenna, another charming village on the eastern shore of Lake Como, is famous for its colorful houses, winding streets, and its iconic promenade along the water. Capture the essence of Italian village life and indulge in a gelato while making your TikTok video of the breathtaking views.

Varenna Lake Como


Lake Como is not only a travel destination but a source of inspiration for content creators and travelers alike. These Instagrammed and TikTok-famous spots offer a glimpse into the enchanting beauty of the region and serve as an invitation for others to experience its magic. So, pack your camera, charge your smartphone, and get ready to explore and share the captivating allure of Lake Como with the world.

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